Why Are Your Prices Lower?



Why are your prices lower than the competitors?


Short answer: I want Yunnan Baiyao to be as financially accessible as possible. 


I know how difficult it is to watch your pet go through cancer. It is a combination of despair, heartbreak, and helplessness. On top of these heavy emotions, we have to make difficult financial choices. Having once been in your shoes, watching my beloved best friends suffer through hemangiosarcoma, I could hardly keep up with the medical bills, let alone paying for Yunnan Baiyao that was marked up 300%.


I decided that I wanted to make Yunnan Baiyao as affordable as possible. I wanted to do it in honor of my babies, Bingo and Macey, who suffered this horrible disease. And, in honor of all the families and their beloved animals that one day too would have to face the same illness and financial turmoils that we once confronted. 


I want that access to be easy, caring, and quick. For my love of animals, for the love of my pets, for the love of families, I want to do a small part in making pet care accessible. I will never mark up prices just to mark up. Margins are thin, and that is okay. It is by design, with love and care. I can only hope that those buying wholesale from me also carry this mission with them. But, for now, I hope it helps a couple of families, even if just a little.